Jeanette Dillard

Hi, I'm Jeanette the 'J' in J.E.T. Setting Divas.

I'm originally from Arkansas and now reside in Dallas. I've worked in IT many years in development, testing, business analysis, and am a Scrum Master. I met Tina and Evette in Dallas and we’ve become great friends and enjoy traveling together. I'm also a Mom and enjoy spending time with family. Traveling is my true joy and I'm a free, fun-spirited person. I enjoy traveling on a budget, eating great food, sharing my travel experience and knowledge with others on our podcast, and enjoy time with friends. I look forward to demonstrating how I live the JET Setting Lifestyle while dealing with everyday life challenges and helping others do the same!

Evette Washington

Meet Evette Washington the 'E' in J.E.T. Setting Divas.

Wife, Mother of 5 young adult daughters who she shares with her husband. Originally from Houston Born and Raised but now lives in Dallas, Tx. Travel Influencer, Content Creator, Podcaster, Philanthropist and Serial Entrepreneur. Evette talks everything Travel. Equipping others to follow their journey to the travel scene and life in Dallas. Sharing Hotspots in a weekly podcast with the other ladies. When not traveling, podcasting, or hitting up places around Dallas Evette is working as a Realtor/Relocation Specialist. Evette Enjoys life and the World and all it has to offer.

Tina Cormier

Tina the 'T' in J.E.T. Setting Divas.

I am Tina Cormier of Dallas, Texas. I am a Mom (empty nester), Sister, Auntie and the T of the J.E.T. Setting Divas. I am a native Houstonian but I call Aurora, Co home. I began traveling in 1990, my 1st out of the country girls trip started with Evette to Aruba then Cancun, Mexico. From that day forward I became a #jetsettingdiva and I love traveling the world, eating great food and exploring the beautiful places this world has to offer. When I am not managing IT issues for my healthcare clients, I enjoy family events and happy hours with friends. I love spa/relaxing, scenic/breathtaking and exotic/beautiful vacations with Jeanette and Evette. I live for the JET Setting Lifestyle and would love to do it full time!